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Charlie C. Bingham III - Author

Hi guys! Thanks for visiting our page. I'm a normal 7 year old that likes reading, playing basketball and playing Fortnite on my X-Box. I picked out the stories for the book and helped my family understand the kids' point of view. I also helped with some of the questions. I hope you enjoy the book! 

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Charlie C. Bingham Jr. - Author

As a Christian, lawyer and father of two young kids I recall searching for a biblical book so that my kids would have something to read during worship service. My wife and I begin our online search for biblical books accurately depicting people of color but there is such a lack of diversity in children’s literature. Characters in children’s books, including spiritual ones are almost always white and it’s a big problem. The problem is not new. Only 7% of all children’s books are authored by African American, Native American and Hispanic Americans combined. 

I remember searching and searching to no avail and I vividly recall the sinking feeling I felt in my stomach knowing that I would have to reluctantly provide my kids with a book that intentionally depicts inaccurate bible characters. One night while my son was reading his book he asked if God loved people that look like us why did he make everything white. That was a teachable moment that lit a fire under me. The accurate heritage of many of the biblical characters and their skin tone is something that my family has discussed and it’s important that we educate future generations about the true origins of Biblical characters from a young age. After undertaking a small project for my kids, I realized that other children and families could benefit from a biblical book that accurately highlights people of color.

TeErra Bingham - Author

I am a wife, writer, educator, attorney and mother.  I am committed to equipping my children with the truths concerning God and His Word.  I am also passionate about early-childhood education and in 2019, created, along with two other women, A Better Chance Co-Op.  A Better Chance focuses on early language and literacy development for preschool age children while simultaneously creating an enriching educational environment that makes learning fun. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College and my Law Degree from Howard University School of Law.  My husband, two children and I, live in Atlanta where we enjoy serving in our church and our community.  

Vickie Bingham - Author

My name is Vicki Bingham and I’m a survivor of Lupus and fighter against Dementia. I am a 65-year old mother of 5 children and grandmother of 6. I have a story to tell that will definitely inspire others to never give up on their dreams.  I started writing children’s books as a way to cope with my illness while in the hospital.  Four years ago, I had a series of five strokes and was stricken with dementia.  It was a devastating four years because my car was taken along with my precious memories.  However, my faith helped me to persevere along with my loving family and friends.  I gradually started challenging my brain and was victorious in going back to college and obtaining a degree with honors.  This was all against the grain and amazing to my doctors.  Next, I regained my ability to live on my own with guidance.  Having my own apartment was a victory in itself although I was surrounded with people to help me.  Being what I thought and valued as independent was a priority on my list, but I was still suffering from memory loss and confusion to some degree.  I relented and moved in with my son and his family to Atlanta, then all of my children bought houses and relocated to Atlanta to be close.  Blessings on top of blessings helped me to survive and strive.
I started writing these books as a way to overcome my dementia.  My son blessed me to helped me with publishing etc and encouraging me to pursue my dreams.  I was always trying to find ways to fight the dementia that had crippled me, and was told by my doctor and psychologist that challenging my brain with new ventures was the way to build new neurons.  I did by writing recipes and developing a cookbook, then I became ill in August of 2019.  This was two days after my husband died and I was put in the same hospital.  While there, I became upset and determined that my situations of illness would not control my determination to build my memory.  I asked for a pen and paper and began to write about the most precious things in my life, my grandchildren and my God.  As a young child I was a writer and enrolled in the Echo Writers Workshop.  I loved writing and have hundreds of journals that I have saved, however my illness kept me from writing.  The break through this year is my victory over my inability to work and earn a viable living.  It is also my way to continue to motivate and inspire children and their families to pursue the gift of literacy through reading. 

Storytelling has been one of my favorite ways to interact with my children and grands. Ancient storytelling has been something that I’ve always loved.

The Little Brown Bible storybook for kids allowed me to take God’s word and make it inclusive for all small children. As you browse through the illustrations you will see a rainbow of beauty.

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Cameron T. Wilson - Illustrator

Cameron T. Wilson is a graphic artist and illustrator from Augusta, GA. He's developed several logos and branding identities for small business startups throughout Atlanta and Central Florida, and has illustrated over 50 book titles to upcoming authors/writers across the country. Cameron is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the apparel company Soulsimplicity. He is also the illustrator and Creative Director of Wilson's Stories Publishing, a company he created with is wife, Brittany Wilson. 

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